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February 13, 2017

Maternal Monday’s!! Shout out to all my mommies to be! ?? #amyanaizphoto #nycmaternityphotographer

Maternal Monday's!! Shout out to all my mommies to be! ??

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  1. thenewife says:

    Just beautiful , natural looking and classy

  2. So classy and gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful colours in this shot.

  4. maebfilms says:

    A very pretty mommy to be!

  5. Nice! Maternity shoots can be tricky!

  6. Beautiful! The colours and everything is perfect!!

  7. skinbymamie says:

    Yeeps..I have this same bed…

  8. what a beautiful mama!

  9. This is a beautiful shot!

  10. rick_wayne says:

    I love your use of pink and purple! It’s such a rare color to come across.

  11. Loving all the colors here!

  12. andeverfilms says:

    This is beautiful!

  13. Aw such a gorgeous shot

  14. lindsoux says:

    @skinbymamie where is this bed from?

  15. Goegeous! I wish I would have gotten maternity photos done

  16. brighamandco says:

    She looks so pretty

  17. hazelinaxo says:

    My best friend looks amazing my beautiful! @jem_appellebeth

  18. I love the lighting in this

  19. jwctp says:

    That’s a beautiful maternity photo

  20. 1weddings says:

    If I can look half that good when I’m expecting!

  21. bekahsears says:

    I love maternity shots… such a beautiful thing to witness life and growth. Beautiful shot.

  22. This is a beautiful photo! Love the purple!

  23. dbj_events says:

    oh this is beautiful. I’m so glad I had a maternity shoot with my first bubs.

  24. Such a precious photo!

  25. Pretty shot, what beautiful moment!

  26. Gorgeousbgal. Enjoy it

  27. She is a gorgeous mama!

  28. amyhaberland says:

    Wow what a sweet moment

  29. Aww such perfection

  30. What a beautiful lady!

  31. She is stunning!!!!

  32. What a lovely shot. She’s glowing

  33. loveaprilkae says:

    This is sooooo pretty!

  34. sumomosuki says:

    Lovely maternal shot something shall love to look back on

  35. Man I can’t wait to get some photos done when I am further along!

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