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February 27, 2017

Nice to see you again Amsterdam ?? You’re as pretty as I left you! #amyanaiztravels #aimesandvero

Nice to see you again Amsterdam ?? You're as pretty as I left you!

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  1. mrraymond__ says:

    Ann Franks house is a must see!??

  2. skinbymamie says:

    Look at you!! Wish I was there….awesome!

  3. You look so happy! Have a safe trip!

  4. Beautiful town. Miss Europe so much.

  5. Nice! Have fun Amy

  6. In front of the for once… Beautiful!

  7. So exciting Parcel. Have fun ?. Much ?

  8. I’d love to visit Amsterdam! That and Iceland are next on my list!

  9. amyhaberland says:

    My hubby is Dutch

  10. Hope you have tons of fun

  11. Awesome! Pretty envious! Happy travels!

  12. Ha! I’ve been to that exact spot… about 10 years ago

  13. chanequa says:

    Omg you’re here! Enjoy bbes

  14. I love the splash of colour from her umbrella.

  15. How fun! Hope you have an amazing time!

  16. rick_wayne says:

    She looks like she’s in front of a painting.

  17. god4bandme says:

    Beautiful picture

  18. yolandaduke1 says:

    Have fun my dear Amy, enjoy your stay lov yo????

  19. oh this is the cutest picture!

  20. Oh I wish I got to travel like you

  21. Oh wow! That must be so much fun!

  22. I never been but it looks amazing!

  23. simplysassou says:

    Woww that’s a nice shot!!!

  24. You have such a great smile! I’ve never been! What’s your favorite part!

  25. @amyanaizphoto oh hope you’re having fun!

  26. I love the bright red umbrella!

  27. Have fun. Love your smile

  28. I’ve never been! (And I used to live 200km from there. ) #goals

  29. Ahhh I’ve never been but definitely want to visit!

  30. Ah! I love Amsterdam!!

  31. brighamandco says:

    That looks like fun!

  32. Have fun! Enjoy your trip!

  33. Everything is so lovely in this photo! Excited to see more!

  34. My home town. Hope you’re having a blast!

  35. Loving all the birds around the people

  36. loveaprilkae says:

    Awwww so cute!

  37. maebfilms says:

    Old friends are good to see

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