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August 26, 2017

You know just werkin… ?? #amyanaizphoto #amyanaizbts #nycweddingphotographer #insideweddings #leahdagloria ? @makiniregaldesigns

You know just werkin... ?? ? @makiniregaldesigns

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  1. She looks gorgeous and that’s a great shot!

  2. hzkamara says:


  3. delorcakery says:

    Her dress is truly regal

  4. puremelee says:

    Werk werk werk werk

  5. toniriales says:

    Beautiful photos but that STUDIO blows me away.

  6. deekayevents says:

    That dress!!!! I neeeed it. Who is the designer?

  7. makiniregal says:

    Love ?? Can’t believe it’s almost a year already

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