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February 26, 2018

WE FOREVER DO!! ?? #amyanaizphoto #tridentcastle #ido #jamaicawedding #wedding #profoto #itsnotsunitsprofoto #dapperman #profotoa1


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  1. I DO forever & always! ? LOVE THIS SHOT!

  2. showrme says:

    This is a beautiful pic!?

  3. @elegantlyjeli this perfectly captures the feelings that day ???

  4. @nordia_ffaceit me too! Hope your well doll ??

  5. @amyanaizphoto it really does! Just so much love and excitement! I’m feeling it all over again by looking at this shot!

  6. jadydeasis says:

    @amyanaizphoto you sure know how to capture the moment lovveeeeeee this picture

  7. @elegantlyjeli Can We just do it again lol …..beautiful

  8. kirkbrides says:

    So perfect and beautiful!!!

  9. bridalbyg says:

    @amyanaizphoto what an amazing shot!!!

  10. Beautiful couple! So happy!

  11. kemistry215 says:

    I wish I could like this picture a million times!!

  12. @caarovillarreal pose que no debo de hacer #sobaco

  13. @jadydeasis wish you could have stayed with us!!

  14. @bridalbyg thanks I appreciate it ??

  15. reneehphoto says:

    You did an incredible job capturing my family

  16. marlmcphotos says:

    Wow this is an amazing shot; Nice work Amy!

  17. Beautiful shot! Can I share this with my followers & on the website? (Reply #MartinaLianaLove to share)

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