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January 29, 2020

Singing: At Lasssssttttt….. ????????? #amyanaizphoto #teamanaiz #profotousa #weddinginspiration #firstdance #luvblackluv

Singing: At Lasssssttttt.....  ?????????

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  1. Is that Meta World Peace?

  2. @chocolate_tai97 lol lol no but I can see the resemblance

  3. @amyanaizphoto lol ok. An amazing shot wherever it is.

  4. stella_mommy says:

    @chocolate_tai97 I thought the same thing lol

  5. bernadelmd says:

    Beautiful memories courtesy of the best @amyanaizphoto !!!! ????

  6. @bernadelmd you guys are amaze always!!

  7. @clayton_74oliveira eu e vc pra um futuro… ?? Eu ouvi um amém amor? Kkkkkkk

  8. nistque says:

    @bernadelmd Very beautiful wedding

  9. ashh_kardash says:

    Do you print wedding albums ?

  10. bronxflaca says:

    Amy you are killing it! Amazing!

  11. uncupidpod says:

    This is beautiful!!!

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