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June 10, 2020

His name is Biggie #amyanaizphoto #teamanaiz #nycengagementphotographer #dogsofinstagram #shesaidyes #blacklove #hudsonyards #bulldogsofinstagram

His name is Biggie

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  1. hih0lly says:

    Hiii Biggie!!! ??

  2. @hih0lly isn’t he to dieeee for

  3. @stepholiveras is he the ring boy at the wedding? asking for a friend

  4. perfete says:

    So so so cute!!

  5. Star of the show!!!

  6. @amyanaizphoto he’ll be walking with his dad! Can’t let him on the lose lol

  7. @zola I know right… my exact sentiment!!

  8. @lifeisbananas15 reminds me of your little on!!

  9. @perfete right!!! Like dogs should be a standard for engagement shoots. ?

  10. for real! Totally stole the limelight

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