In a 2 of if this 5 video series entitled, “PulledTogether”, I teamed up with some of the best industry professionals to show you how to you can “PullTogether” a special valentines day for your honey.

Click here to see Part 1 incase you missed it!

Whats up next? How to set the mood with a beautiful table!


Featured on: Munaluchi Bride follow them on instagram – @munaluchibride

 Cinematography: MaeBFilms  follow her on instagram – @maebfilms

Florals: Phileanor  follow her on instagram – @phileanor

Table Design: pop! by Yaz  follow them on instagram – @yazatpop

Culinary: PulledTogether  follow them on instagram – @pulledtogether

Calligraphy:  Jenny  follow her on instagram – @jennyh1981

Makeup + Hair Artist: Sabrina Gilbert follow her on instagram @sabrinagilbert_nyc

Models: Shequeita Orr + Rashad Frazier

Amy_Anaiz_PulledTogether_Valentines_Day_007From Yaz:

I founded pop! by Yaz to fully unleash my creativity and passion, and to share the breadth of knowledge and depth of experience that I’ve gained over the last 17 years working in the marketing and events industry, with some of the most luxurious and sought after brands such as The Macallan, Moet, Louis XIII, Benjamin Moore, Verizon, Patron and Vogue just to name a few. I translate my experience with brands into fully immersive and unforgettable experiences for brides.

In producing an intimate event of this nature, I wanted to ensure the tabletop reflected the couple’s personality. Rashad has a cool, classic approachability; while Shaquita’s femininity and softness purred the moment I met her. I wanted to blend both personalities into a look that was soft, romantic, but still very clean.

While Valentine’s signature color red is beautiful and striking, it’s also expected.  I wanted to be spontaneous and romantically adventurous utilizing colors which already existed in their home with pops of unexpected hues.  I first started off with the colors of the flowers, which were stunning. The soft lilacs felt feminine, while the orange hues provided the fresh take on the centerpiece. Their basil green love seat was a perfect addition to the table lending warmth and closeness for the couple. I am all for sitting next to your beau. I then layered on this lavender soft sateen table cloth, which provided a soft and pretty canvas for the tableware.  I used his existing modern, white dinner plate and accented with an antique sterling silver charger and an antique silver rimmed china bowl. I brought back in the modern by using streamlined stainless steel flatware and classic glassware. Burlap wrapped votives and a chrome urn with candles and vines were the perfect finishing touch.

A Romantic Table for Two from Mae B. Films on Vimeo.

  1. Lay the tablecloth on the table, ensuring it’s straight and even on all sides
  2. Place your charger plate and center it about half an inch from the edge of the table, ensuring you have enough space to place your silverware and glassware
  3. Top with the dinner plate and then the salad plate/bowl
  4. Place the dessert spoon above the plate facing left.
  5. Place the salad fork and the dinner fork on the left side of the plate
  6. Place the knife and spoon on the right side of the plate
  7. The drinking glass and wine glasses to be placed to your right, just above the knife.
  8. Decorate the table with additional decor such as candles and wah-lah! Your table is set.


Tune in for Part 3!



The ladies and I planned a trip to go apple picking this past weekend. We were all stoked to do what people in the “North” do so off to Connecticut we went.  After a few wrong turns we arrived to Beardsley Cider Mill & Orchard. The Yelp reviews raved about the apple cider donuts so being the fat kids that we are it was the first thing on our list of things to do. Let me tell you they were AMAZING. Perfect balance of sweetness & the ‘hard’ apple cider was a perfect compliment, hehe 😉

 Unfortunately, we had driven all this way to find out that we missed last of the apples last weekend. 🙁  We were all pretty bummed, but what does one do? Have a photoshoot of course! 🙂 We  later ventured off to another farm close by named Jones to do what the locals do.. Pumpkin pick, hay ride, and get lost in the corn maze.

I have to say it was a fun time just enjoying being outside in the great company weather.


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The Sirs and I went to the Grand Central Terminal 100 Year Exhibit. It is said to be “A dramatic, multi-media installation on Grand Central’s century long lifespan will be the centerpiece of the Centennial celebration revealing how the iconic building, on the verge of changing the way New Yorkers travel over the next decade, shaped modern New York and determines its future.”

Between you and I it was a quite bland and I was a little disappointed.  I expected it to be a more interactive but I was told if I wanted to see more I should head to the transit museum in Brooklyn. 🙁 Nonetheless, I enjoyed snapping some photos and hanging out at the coolest apple store I’ve ever been to.

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