Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Hope your day is filled with lots of love and sweets!!

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Thank you again to ALL the participants!!


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This weekend the blizzard “Nemo” came and paid us a visit. Honestly, I really didn’t feel a “blizzard” but he sure left us a good amount of snow and a beautiful Saturday! ¬†The Mrs. and I always find the need to frolic in day after snow so off to Central Park we went. This is Pearl’s first snow and I was nervous she would hate it. Guess I missed the memo that most dogs LOVE the snow!! It was so cute seeing her hop up and down like a little bunny. Of course she made a million human friends.. She doesn’t really fancy other pups but she did make a big fuss and bark at each of them (this is a work in progress)…

All in all it was a delightful afternoon.. ūüôā

Last night the Mrs. and I saw Emile Sand√© live at Webster Hall. My friend Cruz has introduced me to her music about 6 month ago and I instantly fell in ¬†love with her soulful voice. ¬†The scottish singer has amazing vocals and songwriting skills. She’s huge in the UK and I have no doubt that she will be taking over the charts here in the states soon.


I know i’m young but amazing things have happened in my lifetime like the birth of the internets, cell phones, everything APPLE, and Obama being elected president to name a few…The opportunity witness my beloved sorority Delta Sigma Theta¬† turn 100 tops the list for me!!¬†There was a “sea of red” throughout the city as over 12,000 Sorors from across the nation came together to witness this incredible milestone.

 Our series of centennial events  began on January 1 as we participated with a float in the Rose Bowl parade. It was followed by a major media blitz on January 10th where Sorors from all over the country gathered in Times Square РNYC and made our presence known at all the network morning shows. This weekend January 11-13 in Washington, DC, 22 service projects were executed in honor of our founders, a rededication luncheon, awards gala and Ecumenical Service was hosted. In March,  we will re-enact the Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913, in which our founders participated and then we will gather in Washington again in July for our national convention.

The best part of this past weekend was being able to fellowship with and amazing group of ladies who are truly my sisters. We laughed, cried, partied, reminisced and did a whole lot of eating. I could not have wished for a better centennial experience. ¬†Much love to the ladies of Mu Iota who made me and gave me the opportunity to join this illustrious organization – Thank you!! ūüôā

 Happy 100 Years my Sorors!! OO-OOP!

It had been a long time coming but I finally moved Pearly to NYC!!

I felt that I was the girl who cried wolf because every time I visited I would always say “I’m taking her with me”, but never did.¬†Over the holiday break I decided that I was finally ready and prepared to make the transition. ¬† Many of you might think – Whats the big deal?¬†Well here were a few of my dilemmas over the years:

1. Living in a building & with roommates that liked/allowed dogs.

2. I travel ALOT so putting Pearls in a Kennel freaks me out and not to mention is EXPENSIVE!

3. She’s been my parents adoptive dog for the past 4 years.. Will I be a jerk for taking her away?

4. Having a pet is like having a child, was I ready to be a “Mom”?

After much thought and¬†consideration¬†I committed! I bought all of Pearls supplies and on Dec 31st we flew together for the first time. I was¬†surprised¬†how well she did! There was a bit of whining but over all she was a trooper! I think she was mostly excited just be by my side. ¬†I thought that she would hate the cold weather but to my surprise she LOVES being outside and jumps for joy¬†every time¬†I reach for the leash.¬†Pearls follows me like my 5’clock¬†shadow so having her adjust to being alone 1/2 the day has been tricky but she’s getting the hang of it.¬†Over our transition has gone well and this new mom thing is not as hard as I originally thought. ¬†Most¬†importantly, seeing her everyday is worth it! ūüôā

Next step is conquering the dog park… She doesn’t fancy other dogs so this will be interesting..

Stay tuned!


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