― Amy anaiz

As we document the moment a lifelong commitment begins, it’s about so much more than vows and dance parties stretching into the night. It’s about the chance to preserve the faces of those you love most connecting meaningfully and authentically with each other, laughing with uncontainable joy, and feeling vibrantly alive.

Celine and I go way back.. I’ve known this cutie since she was a weee-one. (Click here to see) We have been waiting to have a snow shoot for 2 winters now and when the forecast showed snow for Saturday I knew this was our chance!! Celines awesome mommy Tara could not join us for the […]


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Helen and Kevin met at his housewarming party in 2008, two years before their first date. When they met the timing wasn’t quite right- Helen had just finished taking the Bar and was enjoying her freedom & he was still in a relationship. But over the next two years, they would run into each other […]

Engagement, Weddings

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