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Balancing Acts! ?

Balancing Acts! ?

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Meet Zara Lynne White.

Born:: May 3, 2014  Weight:: 8lbs 12oz

She is the littlest ‘little’ to grace my blog.

I had planned a special trip to Orlando just to meet this little one.. She was enjoying her time in mama’s belly that she made her appearance 5 days after he scheduled due date.

She was worth all the wait! ūüôā

Because she was  not even 24 hours old we had to shoot in her room at the Winnie Palmer Hospital. Surrounded by her awesome parents and grandparents we were able to get some incredible images.


Orlando_Florida_Newborn_Photographer_Zara_001 Orlando_Florida_Newborn_Photographer_Zara_002 Orlando_Florida_Newborn_Photographer_Zara_003 Orlando_Florida_Newborn_Photographer_Zara_004 Orlando_Florida_Newborn_Photographer_Zara_005 Orlando_Florida_Newborn_Photographer_Zara_007 Orlando_Florida_Newborn_Photographer_Zara_008 Orlando_Florida_Newborn_Photographer_Zara_010 Orlando_Florida_Newborn_Photographer_Zara_011

Happy Valentine’s Day!


About a year ago, Louie & ¬†I were invited by our good friends Svenja + Heiko to join¬†them for their wedding in Hamburg, Germany. I couldn’t mask my excitement¬†of 1) being asked to photograph the wedding and 2) taking my first trip to Europe.¬†As I started planning this amazing trip (more to come on that later) ūüôā , Lou called me with another surprise! He¬†was planning to propose to his girlfriend Kendra and wanted me to be there to capture the moment.¬†Of course I squealed in excitement and it took me a few moments to calm down. When I did I asked him¬†where he wanted to pop the question and he said, Paris… Cue the excitement all over again!!

Lou and I carefully planned the date, location, and time… And as the months rolled on it took EVERYTHING out of me not to ruin the surprise for Kendra!

On Dec 2, we left Hamburg that morning and embarked to Paris. Kendra was none the wiser and figured it was just another leg to our European tour.  We said our goodbyes in the airport and promised to meet up for drinks.  Lou and I had planned to meet later that afternoon at The Trocadero which is site of the Palais de Chaillot. There is an incredible platform that over looks the Eiffel Tower & River Siene.  I hid my face under my beanie and waited for them to arrive the butterflies in my stomach began, the moment was finally here!! As they approached the platform Kendra immediately walked to the front and began taking photos. The view was breathtaking and she was excited to see the Eiffel tower so close for the first time.  Lou knew where I would be so as soon as we locked eyes, I positioned myself and gave him a thumbs up.
To say Kendra was surprised is an understatement, she couldn’t contain her tears and the smile on her face was priceless. ¬†As we made our way down the Jardins du Trocadero Lou and I filled her in on how long ago this day had been planned. ¬†The light in Paris was amazing and everywhere we turned it was a picturesque moment. ¬†My jaw dropped in awe as we approached the¬†Cath√©drale Notre Dame¬†de¬†Paris!! The sky had a perfect pink/purple glow and we could have not asked for a better sunset. ¬†Our final stop was the romantic¬†Quai de l’Archev√™ch√©¬†“Lovers Bridge” which over looks the the Cath√©drale Notra Dame. With an engraved lock Lou and Kendra committed to a lifetime together and threw the key into the Seine. ¬†I feel incredibly blessed to have been part of this special moment and can’t thank Lou enough for trusting me to capture it!!



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